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Le futur du Maroc10/10/2012

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In the Ourika valley and some other parts of Morocco, we have a special language: Amazigh. It has an own alphabet, as you can see here:

In our villages and our school, we talk a lot in our traditional language Amazigh – and we learn many many songs. Before we will meet an expert for Amzigh to learn more about our language, please enjoy a song that we have recorded for you. It is about all the things we need for good education; from paper to pencils – just like in every other school worldwide.

The looong history of Amazigh language goes back before the times that the Arab culture has reached our region. It is a great honor for us that our star reporters Mohamed and Mohamed could interview one absolute expert: Abdellah Alahyane is one of the first teacher of Amazigh in the Marrakech district. He helps that the children now can better understand and share their local culture – and be proud of it.

Hey, and do you know what this means:

Yes – it means RADIJOJO in Amazigh!

Many, many thanks to Abdellah Alahyane and to our Radijojo all star team Mohamed and Mohamed!



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