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Le futur du Maroc10/11/2012

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We surf the airwaves at Radio SNRT!


3- 2- 1…… ON AIR!!!

  Welcome to the children’s radio show on Morocco National Radio SNRT – live from Marrakech! We came all the way down from the quiet Atlas mountains to buzzy Marrakech to share our achievements in the Radijojo workshop. “We” – this means the intercultural Radijojo crew Anas and Hussein from Ourika and Mina, Mimai and Lilly from Germany. We were so excited..! But everything was cool: Here in the SNRT studios, we met many many other children of all age groups contributing to a colorful and exciting show. 

Songs, poems, discussions with kids for kids by kids – all this was put together by a fantastic team of editors, including our friends Houria and Narjis. 

Many thanks to SNRT and its excellent presenter Hassan (remember? he had visited us before in our Ourika school!) who made this live children’s radio show an unforgettable event for us all – for a second time after our first cooperation some months ago. We are looking forward to meeting you again!!!


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