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Le futur du Maroc11/21/2012

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Our message for Universal Children’s Day, part 1


Hello we are the students of Salah Dine High School. In occasion of the Children’s Day we wrote this message in purpose of telling you about our activities on monday. We’ve learned a lot about children’s rights so of that we need to talk about the situation of Moroccan children.

They have some problems in education, specially about the numbers of students in the class room so we need more schools in our country .

Secondly the most importing thing is that’s a lot of children can’t get to school because they are far from it, so they need a school transport.

We have collected these and other ideas that we would like to share with the world here and in the second part of “Our message for Universall Children’s Day.” coming soon.

Do you agree? Please share your thoughts with us!



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