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Le futur du Maroc11/22/2012

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Our mobile reporters’ session


I’m Fouad Brioukat. I’m 16 years old. I’m student in Salah Eddine el Ayoubi in Marrakesh. Today, our assembly hall almost bursted – full house for a very special day: A premier for us, for our school and for Radijojo, too. An exciting little media innovation that we developed together.

Almost everybody of us has a mobile phone. Today, we explored how we can combine mobile and radio, as tools to speak up and share our ideas for the future. We sat down, wrote essays, poems and short reports and recorded some of them with our mobiles, some of them in our small school radio studio. Thus, we learned how to use a production studio like radio have – and to use mobile technology for field recording to skoop stories in our neighborhood, to interview interesting people or to record great ideas at home when they freshly come to our minds.

Here are some highlights, live on stage as we presented them to our peers in our assembly hall – some of them read directy from the screen of our mobiles.



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