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Le futur du Maroc11/24/2012

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Marrakech Autumn: From dreams to plans


Our school is dedicated to be a “Lycee citoyen”, a school of responsible citzens. And as you may have learned in “Our future dreams” section, we always try to combine professional success, education and social responsibility. But how does that work in reality?

Today, we had a good oportunity to learn more about this, and to practice it – in a form of a online school competition, on the occasion of the so-called “Marrakech Autumn”.

Here is Mr. Tariq Zidi one of the master minds of “Marrakech Autumn”. This is an exciting community event organised by Mr. Zidi’s Fondation Norsys and a broad network of Assications in our town.

In our exclusive interview with Mr. Zidi, you can learn more about this event and about how you can combine your commitment to issues like environment and health with the idea of “entrepreneurship”. Check it out!



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