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Le futur du Maroc11/29/2012

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A vision for our school


Dear everybody everywhere! :)

We want to share a vision with you: a vision for our school. Some years ago, we did not have an assembly hall for exciting events. Our media lab was not much used, waste lying in the corners. The students who finished the final exams left our school without a sense of belonging. A lot of things have changed since then, and there is even more to come.

How did we achieve that? Our school has a very active network of alumni (= former students) and many other supporters now. This network was initiated by our teacher Laila who you could hear in the video.

Together with parents, other teachers, students and former students she has formed an association that helped us to build a wonderful assembly hall where we have theater performances and workshops like with Radijojo. We have a school radio group, we have a nice garden with palms and flowers, we have started student exchange with friends in Europe and much more.

So, as you can see: Change is possible – and you can start right today, You don’t need much money – you need a vision and the help of your friends that share positive energy to get going.


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