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Le futur du Maroc02/16/2013

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UN Alliance of Civilizations Photo Competition 2: Media


Wow – that was something very special, again:

We have joined the Photo competition of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, on the occasion of its 5th Global Forum in Vienna/Austria!

We have worked on all three of the competition’s topics:

  • Perspectives on Religious Pluralism (see here)
  • A new Narrative on Diversity - (see here)
  • Freedom of the Media Matters!  which you can see in this blog section: 

„Sharing the power of media“

Elle represente deux jeunes femmes l´ une d entre elles est une femme qui vit dans la ville par contre l autre vit dans un village cette photo montre que la femme qui vit dans la ville apprend a l autre comment utiliser les medias. 

The photo shows two women, one living in the city while the other living in a village. The woman who lives in the city shows the woman from the village how to use the media.

„I am free“

The photo displays the lack of freedom in expressing his opinion, which is not good for our society and for the whole world.

„I am free, too“

La photo represente une petite fille qui n’a pas eu son droit: le droit d’exprimer son opinion.

The picture shows a young girl, who can’t excercise her right to express her opinion.

„Media shall not scare us“

Dans cette photo on voit trois filles qui sont effrayees par un film qui n’est pas de leurs ages.

Children are shocked by the media message, not suitable for ttheir age, displayed on TV.

“The making of”: 

Our pictures are the results a a lot of work we invested together in our entries. More than 50 children and youth of our school joined in. As result, we are proud and excited that we successfully sent 11 entries of our young intercultural media activists & artists to the Vienna. We gave our very best; it was the first time for most of us that we participated in such an international activity.

First, we discussed the issues, drew sketches for the photos and noted our ideas.

All groups presented their reflections on the issues with the whole team. We recorded this with audio since all photos, the discussion and the making of will be displayed in our blog futur.edublogs.org to share it with as many kids in Morocco and beyond as possible.

Then, each group splitted into sub-groups working on their photo.

All the photo ideas are our own original ideas. We also shot most of the pictures themselves, learning how to use a professional camera.

All the descriptions for the pictures are also mostly made ourselves, too.

We hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Please share feedback, ideas, comments – in form of self made media for kids by kids!


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