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Le futur du Maroc03/27/2013

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Come together! We meet children in Berlin via Skype!


Wow! How exciting! We have met new friends in Europe – live via video conference!

We had prepared many questions for the kids in Berlin: From food to school life, about sports and many other things.

Here are our partners in Germany’s capital….

…and here is how they saw us via skype:

Look at this – isn’t that great? A message of peace sent to us straight from Berlin!

We were surprised about how good they were prepared: they knew about the Argan tree, about the stork that is flying from Morocco to Germany for the warm season, about our traditional carpet making…

We presented a traditional Berber dance to the children in the Radijojo spring holiday camp.

Many many thanks for this wonderful day! All our greetings to Berlin!


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