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Le futur du Maroc04/03/2013

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Our question for the United Nations!


Hello from Sitti Fatma primary school in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco!

The United Nations have invited the world to share questions about how international cooperation for development can be improved in the future.

We think: It can be improved easily and sustainably.

IF….. you involve the children of today!  We are more than two billion young people, young world citizens.

But we think we are not enough involved  in the global collaboration yet.

That’s why our question to the international experts of the United Nations is:

How can children better be involved in international cooperation?

We would be happy if you answer our question – and involve all children worldwide to built a better future for all, together!

Many thanks and all our greetings from the Maghreb to the United Nations!

Aaaaand -  do you know what? We are already received some fantastic feedback from the United Nations! Read this:

“Dear students in Sitty Fatma primary school: We are most exciting about your interest to be part of this discussion. Children are the future of humanity, by voicing your opinions and concerns we will make sure you are heard !!! Education, access to health, a healthy environment, expanding job opportunities for young people are very much at the core of the development agenda in post 2015. Social media is a great vehicle to hear from you. Keep engaged!!!”
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)



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