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Le futur du Maroc04/03/2013

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We follow the tracks of the Barbary Lion



Do you know that in our region, not long ago, we had the biggest lions on Earth? We are not kidding: We did indepth research in our workshop – here is our report:

We are talking about the legendary Barbary Lion; known back in the times of the Roman Empire.

This strong and proud animal was almost extinct, during decades of war, colonialism, hunting, Only of few dozens or even less, suvived the last century.

The tribes of the High Atlas gave some of them to the kings of Morocco who held them as “palace lions”. It was King Hassan II. who gave them to the Zoo of Rabat. From there, they were sent to Zoos in Germany and other western countries where they are taking enormous effords to save them and grow a new and stabile population.

And there is even a plan to resettle them in the High Atlas, in a National Park. So, maybe one day, if Europe and Morocco keep working good together, we will be able to hear the Barbary Lion’s voice in the High Atlas again:








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