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Le futur du Maroc05/14/2013

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Meryam: My poems about Asni and about Palestine


Dear all, most of you may have never been in our region.

So, please enjoy my poem for you.

My other poems are on a total different story:

The issue of Palestine is important to many of us. We spoke with Radijojo’s Editor in Chief, Thomas, about it. He quoted Mr. André Azoulay, president of Anna Lindh Foundation and advisory of our king who said at the Anna Lindh Forum in Marseille that there is high need  for a lasting peaceful solution to have a better future in the region itself but also for the whole EUROMED region.Thomas has met Mr. André Azoulay at the Anna Lindh Forum.

Here are my poems about the issue.

A poem about Palestine by Meryam

Poem about a dream of a palestinian girl by Meryam

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