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Le futur du Maroc08/21/2013

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Our common mindmap of shared values


What are the most important things in life?  This was the biiiiiiiig question that we worked on, together. Tough stuff, you think? – Not for us! We did a great job and created:

!!!Our common mindmap of shared values!!!

 Here it is, in the chronical order in which we brought it up during our session:  

Friends الأصدقاء               Education التعليم               Life الحياة     Obey parents طاعة الوالدين       Playing to be joyful اللعب                                Islam الإسلام               Communication – it is part of life التواصل                      Work العمل                   Water الماء                                      Truth / Honesty الصراحة             Mother الأم          Sports الرياضة         Future profession  (Pilot) مهنة مستقبلية : طيار          Freedom الحرية              Tenderness of Mothers حنان الام                      Help المساعدة      Mobility وسائل النقل              Prayer الصلاة                Peace السلام

And when we came up with the issue of Peace, we digged more deep in it – which led us to our first Ait Ourir Children’s Peace Council session. And now, it is your turn: what are the most important things for you? Please share your thoughts and comments!

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