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Le futur du Maroc09/19/2013

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Our Peace doves action – with Jane Goodall! Part 1: Morocco


Hey, do you know this little bird? Yes, that’s the PEACE DOVE. It is a symbol that is known worldwide. And we and our friends have create Peace Doves on THREE CONTINENTS: Africa, America, Europe!  Here is the first part: Our work in Ouaht Sidi Ibrahim, Morocco. See the American and European birds united with ours in the next post!

UN messenger for Peace, Jane Goodall, has invited children worldwide to get active for Peace. Jane is a friend of Radijojo. She is a very famous researcher and environmentalist. Her network for kids “Roots and Shoots” is connecting children worldwide to become active for nature and a better world. And now, we are becoming part of this fantastic network – many thanks to Jane Goodall Institute Germany! Stay tuned for updates!

And what about you? Check out the work of Roots and Shoots, join in and get active TODAY! :)

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