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Le futur du Maroc09/25/2013

Life Video Conference Morocco

Our Transatlantic Peace Talk – live with our new friends in the USA!


Here is the first ever Transatlantic peace talk with 8th grade peers from the Kealing Middle school in Austin, Texas - one of our contributions to UN World Peace Day, in cooperation with Jane Goodall Institute and Peace One Day:

  • Did you know that Morocco and the USA have one of the oldest Peace treaties in the world?
  • Could you imagine that we here in Ouaht Sidi Ibrahim could make peace with peers in Austin/Texas some 8000 kilometers away?
  • Can you recall another media event where children of Morocco and the USA sang their anthems for each other?

Aah, the Historical Peace Treaty between Morocco and the USA: It is true – and widely unknown, as we found out:

In December 1777, Moroccan sultan Muhammad III included America in a list of countries to which Moroccoт€™s ports were open. With that message to foreign consuls for communication to European capitals, Morocco became the first country whose head of state publicly recognized the new United States. Relations were formalized with the Moroccan-€“American Treaty of Friendship negotiated by Thomas Barclay, and signed by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Muhammad III in the year 1786.

So: Peace is possible, anytime, anywhere; across cultural borders and oceans.            And: Peace, once established, can last for very, very long…!

Here is the peace message from Austin Texas to their new friends in Morocco:

The National Anthem of Morocco during the skype session!

The National Anthem of the USA sung by the kids of Kealing Middle school in Austin Texas.

Kids From Ouaht Sidi Ibrahim sing: Skype song 1

Kealing school in Texas with “Deep into the heart of Texas”

Skype Song 2

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