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Le futur du Maroc12/04/2013

Experience Report

Fatima Zahra: My exclusive report about the international children’s rights conference

Here is my exclusive report

Dear friends in Morocco, Germany and wherever you are on this planet,
I am member of the national children’s parliament of Morocco. And I just came in from an important international conference that I had the honor to participate in as a delegate: It was a huge meeting about how young people can fight for children’s rights. It was held in Tangier, under patronage of our King Mohammed VI and Princess Lalla Meryem.


Here is my exclusive report and our group discussion in our school on my experiences and the outcomes of this extraordinary event. It is a pleasure to share it with you, and with international initatives fighting for children’s rights all around the globe.
Please like, share and send us your thoughts, actions, experiences in our common struggle for the rights of the children!
Fatima Zahra

And here, you can see that we approved Fatima Zahras report and agreed in a joyful democratic form that we would like to share this report with kids and organisations all around the world that fight for children’s rights:


So, please enjoy our report and send us your feedback!

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