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Le futur du Maroc10/26/2013

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Welcome to Tamansourt!

Merhaba and welcome to Tamansourt!

Our town is pretty special: It is just a few years old. Many from us come from the villages around Marrakech and moved here just a short while ago. It is our first project like this ever. Most of us had never spoken to Western people before. But the time with Radijojo was reaaaally cool! We have worked very hard to share our future dreams, our songs and essays, our messages to the world and our peace symbol action with you. Please enjoy our work, please send us feedback! Please contact us for future cooperation, as proud new members of the Radijojo network!

But first, please listen to our national anthem and our school anthem. And then – please follow us on a little trip through Tamansourt and its region!


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