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Le futur du Maroc10/26/2013

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Our Peace symbol action!

Hey everybody! Do you know, what this symbol means? Yes, it means PEACE

But the way to this photo was a tricky, we tell you: When the Radijojo crew asked us, what this symbol would mean, we did not know. We started guessing: A road sign? A logo of a car company? Have a listen to our survey – we had some funny ideas :)  (audio follows)

So, we found out that this a symbol for PEACE known worldwide. And we understood, that Peace starts with understanding the little things – for instance the meaning of a Peace sign. And off we went: Here is how we created our very first Peace symbol, in our school yard, We had a big time doing it! :)

Like it? Well then, please share and send us YOUR peace symbol, too!!!!

We are looking forward to meeting you! :)

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