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Le futur du Maroc10/29/2013

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Hello Berlin! <-> Hallo Tamansourt!

Wow, we made it: Our first direct contact to Germany!

We talked to our new friends in Germany and shared songs and questions with them. As we learned, they come from Turkey and Greece – learning in so-called “welcome-classes” for new arrived migrants of which there are a lot in Berlin due to the economic crisis in Europe.

We also had the chance to meet Noura; a young professional journalist from Tunesia who is with Radijojo in an exchange program. She was a kids radio presenter in the age from 11 – and since then, she kept following her passion. From her, we learned how to turn a dream into a real career – as a young Arabic woman, not as a privileged European.

This was also very interesting to hear for all the mothers from our parents association who had joined our video conference. As Radijojo’s Chef Thomas explained, this was the perfect “EUROMED spirit”: A wild mix of Arabic, Turkish, German, French, English – all in one! He told us that if we see ourselves as members of the EUROMEDiterranean region, we can see that we are neighbours, with different flats in the same house….!

An exciting, vivid and joyful experience – we are greatly looking forward for future common media adventures across borders! (audio to follow)


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