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Le futur du Maroc10/31/2013

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Mouad: My essay on the future of environment

Hello everyone, the environment was a very important issue in the work of my peers in the workshop. Here is my essay on the future of the environment. It is our contribution to the “world of 7 billion” competition.

“Since a long time, human being living on this planet and throwing their garbage on this earth that suffers from such disgraceful act, but nonetheless the environment was better than how it is now, Now we have pollution every where thus, because of the scientific development that produce a lots of garbage, like the pollution that caused by the insecticide, waste factory pollution, waste home and trash that accumulate day after day, so if we keep going like this without doing anything to save the environment, I do not think that future generations will find  clean air or pure water, in order to live in clean environment.”

PS: See the man beside me? That’s my father; he is the principal…. :)

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