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Le futur du Maroc05/04/2014

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Our art for Peace on Earth 2

Peace does not fall from the sky – we have to work for it, everyday

Merhaba from Marrakech!

Peace does not fall from the sky – we have to work for it, everyday.  In our school, we gave our very best for Peace:

First, wee have brainstormed about our visions of Peace and how to make them come true. In some former blog posts, you may have seen that we came up with countless ideas that we illustrated in sketches for you.

And now, we go one step further: we join our forces and bring our best visions on large papers – to be presented in the first ever Peace Arts Gallery of Chair El Hamra middle school.

An now, it is YOUR turn: Please share, comment and send us YOUR ideas for Peace; as drawings, self-written poems, essays or songs!

This is another Radijojo contribution to the International Day of Peace, Peace One Day and the International Peace Pal competition in collaboration with the United Nations.

May Peace prevail on Earth!

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