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Le futur du Maroc06/20/2014

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Our children’s parliament session on education

Hello everyone, welcome to our 1st children’s parliament session on education!

We represent children with and without handicaps, from the rural Ouaht Sidi Ibrahim community and from buzzing Marrakech. We discussed many aspects of education.
Education for all, a chance for all – this is our message to the world.

This is our contribution to the Global Education Conference 2014.

Our new friend Thomas, Founder of Radijojo, is one of the keynote speakers of the Global Education Conference. He will share our messages with experts across the globe, if it all works out like planned. Woohoo!



This is a contribution of the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) of UNESCO, UN Alliance of Civilizations and its key  partners, among them Radijojo World Children’s Media Network.

Many thanks to Mohamed XI Foundation and all partners involved.

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