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Global Green Kids02/25/2014

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Argentina: meeting the animals

Today, we want to take you all the way to South America.

Here, in the beautiful country of Argentina, we meet our new friends of the Childre’s Republic Colombia II, visiting the Zoological garden in Santa Cruz.

Here is the message in Spanish:
Visita al Zoológico municipal de Santa Cruz junto a los niños del Kinder República de Colombia II , conociendo la fauna y flora existente en nuestra región !!! Tomando Conciencia desde pequeños ayudamos a su preservación y cuidado!

How about you: Have you been to your local zoo lately? What animals did you see? What did you learn? What did you like about the zoo, and what not?

Please share your zoo experiences with us!
Stay tuned for our next zoo report, from the other end of the world: from Russia! Coming soon, for all of you!



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