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An Art-Project initiated by RADIJOJO and the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt connecting children in three different countries of the Euromed region, namely Cyprus, Morocco and Germany

Brush meets Melody is an Art-Project initiated by RADIJOJO and the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt connecting children in three different countries of the Euromed region, namely Cyprus, Morocco and Germany. Kids in these countries were invited to participate in drawing, writing poems, being creative as a songwriter and also as reporter in short video and radio interviews. All that have been done in single workshops in Cyprus, Germany and Morocco.

As first we would like to present to you the marvellous outcomes of the kids in Cyprus. These have been made in the old City of Nicosia, near the Ledras street.

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is divided in two parts. One part is turkish and the other is Greek. Our partner ICFFCY, which is a non-profit association in Cyprus, made this project possible. The main topic of the Cyprus Workshops has been 'Peace Building'and there has been several activities like discussions groups,a Treasure Hunt Game in the old city of Nicosia, during the “Seeds of peace” they have drawn on their reused plastic bottle- pots their views, ideas and thoughts about Peace. 

In groups they have prepared new recipes of peace, drawn their ingredients and gave some tips.

Have a look on those recipes here:


The recipes of Peace!!!

They also presented their works to the whole school, see it here!

 Give a big applause to all who made this possible in Cyprus!

As next we would like to present you the kids from Berlin and their activities during the project Brush meets Melody.

This time the kids from SchuleEins, which is located in the disctrict pf Berlin-Pankow, was in luck to be part of all this.

During their workshop days they created many many pictures and created the foundation of our song, which you can listen to

in the player on this webpage.

Radijojo have introduced the very special art of drawing in dots to the kids - which is well known in short as DOT-ART.

After the introduction they began excitedly to use the new technique of DOT-ART to create many paintings,

we would like to present to you now:




Have you found the turtle ? :)



Did you spot the face? :)







And that's not all folks!!! In an exhibition other children and people had the chance to have a look on these paintings!!!



But that wasn't enough! The kids also have been productive in making music and created the foundational 

music construct to write their own texts to. In a later process they recorded their voices with the help

of a microphone, soundcard and a special music software, which they also learnt how to use.

This fundamental work will be the template for the maroccoian kis as well to bring in their ideas and parts

To round the entire music experience the kids interweaved some cuttings of their interviews about Euromed, which they made 

in the streets of Berlin-Pankow, into their song to finalize it. As outcome you will hear the Berlin Kids, Kids

from Morocco and the interviewed people of Berlin. We now present to you this intercultural piece of art and

invite you to take a listen!

Our third partner is from Morocco and the kids that have been invited to this project are from the City of Marrakech.

Together with our partner the kids created their own drawings upon the input of the Berlin and Cyprus kids.

Above that they also created audio content which you can hear in the song as well! Bravo!

We want to show you the best pictures of the exhibition from Morocco as well!



And here you can see the pictures as a whole - enjoy!






Also we had the pacha (local governor ) and chairman of the municipality Mohammed BOUKA PACHA (local governor )
Ville Sidi Bouothmane; KHALID ELBATNAOUI, President Municipality of Sidi Bouothmane to officially open & see the exhibition.

If you want to learn more about the Anna Lindh Foundation and what their aims are please visit:


We would like thank the Anna Lindh Foundation for the trust they gave us during the project, by helping us and making this project possible!

Thank you!



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